Dress for You

Sometimes a girl just needs a reason to dress up.
I so often hear the whole “Oh, I can’t wear that” because of one excuse or another, and to that I say, wear whatever the hell you want! It doesn’t matter the city you live in, whether something is too long or too short, if its “too dressy”, as long as you feel comfortable, rock it!
I won’t sit here and pretend that I’ve never put back a skirt or changed shoes because I felt like I was going to be too much or stand out, but as the clock has ticked, I realized that all of that doesn’t matter, so long as I loved what I was wearing and how I looked.

So with that being said, bust out your favorite pair of heels, adorn yourself in your accessories, & sport whatever you feel like!






Photos by: That’s the Guy


Top- Zara
Culoettes- Glamorous
Heels- Shoe Cult
Choker- Top Shop
Clutch- Thrift


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