Road Trip Essentials

Road trips can either be the time of your life or a flat out nightmare. Being stuck in a car full of people for several hours can be tricky, but all it takes is some planning ahead to avoid the road trip blues.

road use this one


Entertainment– When you’re traveling through the middle of nowhere, you don’t always have the best reception. To avoid staring out the window for the next tumbleweed to roll by, keep yourself entertained the “old fashioned” way & READ! My book of choice is Moody Bitches recommended by the lovely gals from Sun Eyed Girls . The book is straight up & honest, for a full review check out their blog post!

Accessorize– One of the biggest regrets I always used to have when out of town was not having the right accessories to complete a look. I would always be thinking of the perfect statement necklace or ear cuff at home. When it comes to jewelry, the more the better! Tip: pack necklaces in individual sandwich baggies to avoid the hassle of knots!

Technology– Now, if you’re like me, your phone is a priority. Don’t let your phone dying stop you from blasting 90s music while driving city to city.

The Sunnies- Chasing the sunset with the music full blast, sounds perfect right? Well, try doing that without some sunglasses and your perfect Instagram picture has now turned out full on miserable. Get some sunnies that are comfortable to keep on & that match with your outfit of course!

The Memories- As much as I rely on my phone to snap my pictures, it never fails that as soon as I need it most, it dies on me. I learned early on that it never hurts to have a back up camera, and even better when it’s a cute one!


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