It Started with a Spark

Sometimes we get so used to our surroundings, that we forget to look for hidden gems that are tucked away right at arms length. Since the 4th of July gave us a three day weekend (who doesn’t love those), a friend and I decided to jump in the car and take a mini road trip. About an hour away from El Paso there is a small little town called Hatch, New Mexico, with a great kept secret. Sparky’s Burgers, nominated for several national titles, is by far one of the most delicious things to grace this planet and that I have ever tasted. I tried to snap a pic of my order, but pictures just did not do the entrees any justice!

Apart from having amazing food, the decor and scenery is just as unique as the food itself. Hatch definitely has some character. Just look at the adorable set up!

Naturally, I wanted to take advantage of the scenery, and show off just how one of a kind this place really is. Now, when traveling by car even for just an hour, comfort is a must, and what is more comfortable than a jumpsuit. I had bought this piece a while back after I saw Ximena Sarinana rock it an Neon Desert Music Festival. If you haven’t given her music a listen, it’s a must! Perfect feel good, latin indie pop! Always my go to, feel good music.


Jumpsuit- Le Trendy
White Lace Kimono- Altard State
Black Hat- Rag & Bone
Bronze Cross-body- GAP
Platform Gel Sandals- A’Gaci
Silver Ring to Wrist Bracelet- Custom Made at the Monterrey Jazz Festival

❤ Until Next Time ❤


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