WR915: A Desert in Texas

I’ve said it before, and I’ll proudly say it again. I have a deep, true love for El Paso and I believe that our city has plenty for anyone and everyone. Many fail to see the talent, prosperity, and opportunities that the Sun City has to offer but once you open your eyes you will notice that the options are limitless. One reason that I believe El Paso has such a special place in my heart, apart from it being home, is that we truly support any local endeavor that stems out of the 915.  One of the latest efforts beaming out of the Sun City is We Run 915, an online shop that sports all your must have local gear. Upon hearing about the idea I knew it was something that would take off in no time and I knew that I wanted to support the effort and the founder since day one.

One of the first pieces to hit the line is this classic tee with a simple statement, but a grand message behind it. To get yours, and even more fresh EP gear, check out the We Run 915 website or visit Manchot located in downtown EP at 518 W. San Antonio Ave.

 10931377_1082363518443710_5408143941906919555_n 11081223_1082363481777047_7108568130781502504_n


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