Day Tripping

I really hope the saying, “The best never rest.” is true, because this past week resting has been the last thing I’ve been able to do. In a matter of 48 hours I had been on four planes, attended two trainings, and somehow managed to do so all in one state. I recently joined the Teach for America team, and could not be more thrilled. I am the new Campus Campaign Coordinator and although I no longer plan on going into the teaching field, I still believe that quality education is a priority.

The first step on joining the TFA team was attending a training in San Antonio, TX, which just happens to be where my best friend lives. Since I had some time to spare after my flight we spent the day doing what we do best, having fun and day drinking.

Being stuck in a plane or an airport for hours on end isn’t exactly comfortable nor enjoyable, so dressing for the occasion is a must. I decided to keep it casual enough to lug a suit case around.

T-Shirt – Forever 21
Black Skinny Jeans – Old Navy
Tan Boots – Lucky Brand


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