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I’m addicted to this jacket. Honestly, I’m addicted to this color. It’s everywhere and I just want to fill my closet with everything I can of this color. I don’t know what it is. It just…speaks to me. I remember window shopping at H&M and saw it on the mannequin and immediately ran inside, found my size, and bought it instantly. No thoughts given. No fucks given. I just had to have it.

I wanted to keep the outfit simple, So I kept the colors neutral and let the jacket and tie to the work. I paired it with this shirt for some added pop with the little hints of color. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: It’s all in the details.


| Shirt: Pac Sun | Tie: H&M | Jacket: H&M |
| Pants: Pac Sun | Shoes: Steve Madden |
| Watch: Fossil | Ring:…

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J Town

One of the many great things about El Paso, is that just down the street is Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. A couple of weeks ago a few close friends and I hopped in the car and decided to have a night out in J Town. Food, booze, and friends galore, it was definitely a night for the books. Our stop for the night was Barrezzito, a great local venue with plenty to offer. Great drinks, great music, great crowd, and most of all great vibe.

For even more memories from the night visit Enfiestate. A great night is not complete unless you’re in great company, and these lovely faces are exactly that.

Faux Fur Vest- Forever 21
Cowl Neck Sweater Dress – H&M

Be back soon <3


El Paso Fashion Week is always one my favorite times of the year due to the fact that so many local boutiques showcase what they have to offer. This past week, my cousin represented Model Material (http://modelmaterialtv.com/) and was casted to model two ensembles from two great local shops, and I had the opportunity to see her strut after her dreams on the runway.

First look: Nidia’s Boutique

Second look : Elodia’s

Since I wanted to be able to capture every moment of her on the runway I opted for an outfit where I would be comfortable enough being on my feet all night yet still adhere to the semi formal dress code. I was able to use some of my summer pieces that I had yet to break out, and at the perfect timing before the cold weather comes around.

Blouse – Thrift
Shorts – Banana Republic
Booties – Forever 21

Baby Showers & October Flowers

One of the things that I love the most about El Paso is the gorgeous mountains, and how beautiful they make our city. Sometimes I take for granted just how truly unique our city is, but passing by the mountains and seeing the star lit up helps set that into perspective. This weekend I attended my cousin in law’s baby shower, and I cannot believe that in just two months we will have another member added to the family. The baby shower took place in the perfect setting, right up against the mountain. With that being said, I knew that I had to take advantage of the amazing scenery. 

Maxi Dress with Slit – Thrift
Accessories – Etsy.com
Booties – Lucky Brand

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Back At It

First off, let me just say that this semester has completely overwhelmed my life and myself. Although I am busy most days out of the week, and have been getting very limited sleep, I honestly have no complaints. New major, new job responsibilities, and new goals. With that being said, you can imagine why there has been quite a lack of posts. However, I am going to try to step it up and change that.

With it being the typical, busy day, filled with both meetings and errands, I wanted to go for a casual Thursday look. When having to stop by the office, you can’t go wrong with a pencil skirt. However, we have approached that time of year where it’s sweater weather in the morning and then scorching hot a few hours later. When faced with this dilemma, the best thing to do is layer, layer, layer!

As a celebratory way to end an extremely successful day, a friend and I made a stop to an amazing local Thai restaurant, http://www.thaichefcafe.com/ . It’s easily one of my favorite places to eat here in El Paso, and definitely a must for anyone who hasn’t been.

Flannel Shirt – Hollister
Polka Dot Crop Top – Forever 21
Black Pencil Skirt – Forever 21
Boots – Lucky Brand
Cross-body Bag – GAP


Even though the fall season is quickly approaching upon us, I am just not yet ready to give up my summer favorites. I am a huge fan of neons & bright prints, so summer is always the time of year I look forward to. Even though the warm weather in El Paso lasts up until October, I wanted to make sure I took advantage of it before it makes its exit.

School & work are currently in full gear, so comfort is a must when you’re spending 8 hours a day at a university. If you have to make a trip to the office but are too lazy to put “real” pants on, then harlem pants are your go to.

White & Black Striped Blouse- A’Gaci
Floral Harlem Pants- Forever 21
Sandals- Kohls


The only thing better than a weekend, is a three day weekend. Having that extra day to relax and get some errands out of the way definitely helps to make my week less hectic. I started my Labor Day weekend off right by stopping by a new shopping district located on the West side of El Paso. TI:ME at Montecillo (https://www.facebook.com/TimeAtMontecillo ) has great food, amazing local boutiques, and so much more.

Since we will soon have to say goodbye to the summer sun, I decided to take advantage of the warm weather while I still could. A mini dress in a retro print is always girly, flirty, & fun! I definitely felt like I was embracing my inner ’60s teen.

Printed Dress- Thrifted from Platos’ Closet -Brand: Forever 21
Gold Belt- Target
Jelly Shoes- Charlotte Russe
Gold Watch – River Island

<3 <3 <3

Day Tripping

I really hope the saying, “The best never rest.” is true, because this past week resting has been the last thing I’ve been able to do. In a matter of 48 hours I had been on four planes, attended two trainings, and somehow managed to do so all in one state. I recently joined the Teach for America team, and could not be more thrilled. I am the new Campus Campaign Coordinator and although I no longer plan on going into the teaching field, I still believe that quality education is a priority.

The first step on joining the TFA team was attending a training in San Antonio, TX, which just happens to be where my best friend lives. Since I had some time to spare after my flight we spent the day doing what we do best, having fun and day drinking.

Being stuck in a plane or an airport for hours on end isn’t exactly comfortable nor enjoyable, so dressing for the occasion is a must. I decided to keep it casual enough to lug a suit case around.

T-Shirt – Forever 21
Black Skinny Jeans – Old Navy
Tan Boots – Lucky Brand

White Out

Summer isn’t always all about color. The absence of can be just as light, fresh, and bright as wearing all the colors under the sun. I absolutely love that all white outfits are trending, and that they can be effortless yet chic. I’m normally a fan of all black, but I definitely have loved adding some more white pieces into my wardrobe.

Headpiece- Forever 21
White V Neck T-Shirt with Mesh Sleeves- Forever 21
White Faux Leather Shorts- Boutique 5 from A’gaci
Flat Silver Sandals- Payless
Cuff- Jewelry Box

Last Night, She Said

I have had the privilege to meet some of the most amazing people, and I am lucky enough to call them my friends. This past Friday a group of us got together to celebrate one of our close friend’s birthday. Birthdays are something we do not take lightly, so there is usually balloons, cake, water slides, etc. involved. We decided to start the night at a bar in downtown El Paso called Tricky Falls.


There is no such thing as wearing too much black. I decided to wear a crop top with a circle skirt, two separates that work absolutely well together.

Excuse the blurred pictures. When you’re in a rush and in a hallway with bad lighting, this is what you get.

Crop Top – Urban Outfitters thrifted from Platos Closet El Paso West
Circle Skirt- Forever 21
Heels – Jessica Simpson
Gold Cuff- Thrift

Another happy birthday to this fine face!

<3 Until next time <3