Homeruns & Sunhats

Sometimes all a girl needs is a day out with some friends, clinking some drinks, and her week will be made. Although I am not a die hard fan of baseball, this past weekend I had the chance to make it out to a game during the opening week for the El Paso Chihuahuas, and it was a blast! Watching the game and supporting our team was fun, of course, but the company I had is probably what made the whole experience for me.

I knew I was going to be sitting in the sun for a couple of hours, and walking the beautiful streets of downtown before and after, so comfy was definitely the way to go when getting dressed. But just because you’re going comfy doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up a bit. A few accessories can always do the trick.

Outfit Details

I   Dress- Papaya   I
I   Sun Hat & Coin Necklace- World Market   I
I   Sandals- Zoohoo   I
I   Iridescent Purse- PacSun    I


Reach in the closet, throw it on, and go. That has to be my favorite part about dresses, when it comes to easy style and comfort, there are endless options. So when I woke up a little after my alarm clock told me to, a dress is exactly what I went for.

& sometimes it’s the little things.

Outfit Details

I   Dress- Thrift   I
I   Boots- O’Shoes from A’Gaci   I
I   Watch- Etsy   I
I   Lip Stain- Cashmere Velvetine from Lime Crime   I


True talent is constantly radiating out of the Sun City, and it never ceases to amaze me. The people pursuing their passions, their dreams, and doing what they love is what truly makes it all good, EP. A few weeks back I had the opportunity of styling my cousin, who just happens to be one of the top models competing on this season of Model Material 4, for a shoot she had with a local photographer. The grace and beauty of the model along with the impeccable talent of Lui Cardenas makes these photos absolutely stunning.

First Look Outfit Details 

I   Black Low Cut Body Suit & Faux Leather Joggers- Forever 21   I
I   Gold Body Chain- Wet Seal   I
I   Black Heels with Silver Studs- Dillard’s   I

Second Look Outfit Details

I   Outfit- Forever 21   I
I   Black Booties with Wedge- Steve Madden   I

Third Look Outfit Details 

I   Bodysuit- American Apparel   I
I  Chunky Cut Gold Plated Body Chains with Bib Choker Necklace- Ebay   I
I   Black Booties with Wedge- Steve Madden   I

Fourth Look Outfit Details

I   Black Turtle Neck Crop Top- Love Culture   I
I   Silver Asymetrical Skirt- PacSun   I
I   Black Booties with Wedge- Steve Madden   I
I   Lilac Lipstick- Lime Crime   I

Model: Danielle Carrillo
Photographer: Lui Cardenas

A Little B&W

And just like that spring has arrived.
I think my favorite part about this season is finally being able to show some skin and do some light layering. You don’t have to worry about freezing walking to and from your car, or burning up the second that you step outside. In EP you don’t take this kind of weather for granted.

Lately, my attention has been focused on preparing to enter my last semester of my undergrad degree and looking into starting an MBA next spring. Naturally, with being occupied at school all day, I didn’t want to be stuck in something stuffy or uncomfortable so I brought out the classic white T, but with a twist to make it office appropriate.

As I mentioned, spring is all about light layering.

Outfit Details:
I   Moto Jacket- H&M   I
I   White T-Shirt with Mesh Sleeves- Forever 21    I
I   Black High Low Skirt- Target   I
I   Gray Iridescent Lace Up Flats- Urban Oufitters   I
I   Necklace- Gift   I
I   White Cat Eye Sunglasses- Nastygal   I

Back to the Desert

After leaving our own little personal paradise , I came back to the reality of school and work. Although I miss spending the day hearing the waves crash against the shore, it was nice to get back on the grind with school, work, and of course blogging. I think one of the major things I had to grow accustomed to yet again, was having to wear sweaters and still use my winter wardrobe. Switching from bikinis and kimonos to sweaters and boots is not an easy transition! But nonetheless, it’s great to be back EP.

Outfit Details

I   Printed Quilt Sweater- Sans Souci thrifted from Buffalo Exchange   I
I   Gray Pencil Skirt & Brown Booties- Forever 21   I
I   Statement Necklace- Papaya   I


As the days were winding down and our time at the beach was coming to an end, I decided to bring out one of my new favorite pieces that I knew I just had to wear before leaving our paradise. Nothing says vacation like pineapples, sun, and beaches! I had been looking for some great summer pieces, and when I saw this bodycon dress with a pineapple print I knew I just had to have it. I absolutely love the combination of the print with the light blue color of the dress.

I   Pineapple Bodycon Dress & Heart Sunglasses- Forever 21   I
I   Gold Choker Necklace- Francesca’s   I
I   Strap Sandals- Target   I

And just like that it was time to kiss the ocean air, & Puerto Vallarta, goodbye.

Vallarta Ventures

Even though it’s called a vacation, I feel like most time spent out of town is usually on some sort of adventure, or adventures as I should say in this case. On our second day here, we decided to pack our day with as many activities as posible, after all vacations only last for so long. We put on our swim suits and headed to the pier to take a cruise around the beach and get some snorkeling in. Although I had a little bit of a phobia of just jumping off a boat into the middle of the ocean and swimming through open waters, it was definitely worth overcoming. The fish, the scenery, the whole experience was amazing.

Since a majority of the day was going to be spent in the water, I didn’t want to bother with putting on tons of layers or accessorizing too much. I wanted to be comfortable enough both before and after jumping into the ocean, so I decided to go with the lightest material possible, and that was one of my scarves. After messing around with it for a few minutes, I finally figured out how to turn it into a cropped swim suit cover up.

I  Scarf made into Crop Top- H&M  I
I  Black Circle Skirt- Urban Outfitters  I
I  White Sandals- Forever 21  I

Down on the Sand

If there is one thing that your 20s were made for, it is definitely traveling. Although there are still many places left to visit on my bucket list, I will forever be grateful for the places I have been able to visit already. This past week I was fortunate enough to travel to Jalisco, Mexico visiting both Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara. The first stop on the trip was Puerto Vallarta, and let me just say that the sights and beaches here a breath taking.

Our first full day here we wanted to take advantage of having the beach with in walking distance from our condo, and decided to have a little Sunday Funday doing what everyone wants to do at the beach: sun bathe, swim, and day drink. Since I knew the majority of the day was going to be spent down on the sand, I decided to opt for a comfortable look that I could easily sport to a restaurant if necessary. Under the jumpsuit, I threw together a two piece mix & match swim suit.

Jumpsuit & Sandals – Forever 21
Necklace- Handmade
Sunglasses- RetroCity Sunglasses

It was definitely an amazing day spent with amazing people.


WR915: A Desert in Texas

I’ve said it before, and I’ll proudly say it again. I have a deep, true love for El Paso and I believe that our city has plenty for anyone and everyone. Many fail to see the talent, prosperity, and opportunities that the Sun City has to offer but once you open your eyes you will notice that the options are limitless. One reason that I believe El Paso has such a special place in my heart, apart from it being home, is that we truly support any local endeavor that stems out of the 915.  One of the latest efforts beaming out of the Sun City is We Run 915, an online shop that sports all your must have local gear. Upon hearing about the idea I knew it was something that would take off in no time and I knew that I wanted to support the effort and the founder since day one.

One of the first pieces to hit the line is this classic tee with a simple statement, but a grand message behind it. To get yours, and even more fresh EP gear, check out the We Run 915 website or visit Manchot located in downtown EP at 518 W. San Antonio Ave.

Tight Spaces

Dipped in Decades:

Check out this fab outfit by a fav friend. <3

Originally posted on drugs roll & Sex Rock:


I’m addicted to this jacket. Honestly, I’m addicted to this color. It’s everywhere and I just want to fill my closet with everything I can of this color. I don’t know what it is. It just…speaks to me. I remember window shopping at H&M and saw it on the mannequin and immediately ran inside, found my size, and bought it instantly. No thoughts given. No fucks given. I just had to have it.

I wanted to keep the outfit simple, So I kept the colors neutral and let the jacket and tie to the work. I paired it with this shirt for some added pop with the little hints of color. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: It’s all in the details.


| Shirt: Pac Sun | Tie: H&M | Jacket: H&M |
| Pants: Pac Sun | Shoes: Steve Madden |
| Watch: Fossil | Ring:…

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